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My secret to a good nights rest

Anyone that has a baby knows that sleep is a delicacy, and it’s not always as easy to get a baby to fall asleep quickly as one without kids would think. The first month of Kyzers life was filled with more sleepless nights than I’ve ever had- he had his days and nights mixed up and like any breastfed newborn he woke to eat every couple hours. I give co-sleeping and breastfeeding much credit to me getting the little sleep that I did.


As kyzer got older and ate less frequently at night I began to get more sleep for longer stretches, but he still took awhile to fall asleep and he wouldn’t always sleep soundly. I started using essential oils when he was about a month old and after reading about the effectiveness of lavender oil to promote a good nights rest I decided to give it a try. You can read about a medical study about how inhalation of essential oils may be considered for people with mild sleep disturbances here.


The first night we diffused 3 drops of lavender at bedtime, Kyzer fell asleep within ten minutes (without lavender he would take up to an hour to fall asleep.) I used to wonder if it was just a coincidence that Kyzer was falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly after we began diffusing lavender & if the oil was the reason, or if he was just getting older thus sleeping more soundly. However, one night I forgot to bring the diffuser in the bedroom at bedtime and it took him almost an hour to fall asleep. I didn’t connect the dots and think about how I forgot to diffuse lavender that night- I just thought he wasn’t very tired. Then he woke up at 4:30 am and wouldn’t go back to sleep(this never happens)- he was fussy and just wanted to stay awake. After about 45 minutes I thought about the diffuser so I put it back in the bedroom, layed back down with kyzer and within 15 minutes he was calm enough to nurse and he fell back asleep quickly. That was my ah ha moment- and since then we haven’t missed a night without diffusing lavender.


In my “Young Living Essential Oils” post I talk about how to order the premium starter kit, which includes lavender oil along with 10 other awesome super useful oils, a diffuser, some samples & some literature. I urge you to check that out and get your hands on the oils that never cease to amaze me 🙂

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