Natural Falls State Park

A few weeks ago I was looking at a blog that had fun summer-time outdoor destinations in the Oklahoma area. The first picture that caught my eye was of a waterfall located in Natural Falls State Park. So, naturally the next weekend we packed our bags and headed tward arkansas, the Falls are near the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line.


This is a view from the top of the falls, when you get there you walk down a trail that leads to a platform that tourists can stand on and look over the falls and down below. It’s a beautiful view and the sound of the water rushing is impeccably grand.


As you walk down the trails to get to the base of the falls, the air feels cooler and is noticeably cleaner, it smells and feels fresh. The sight from the base of the falls is absolutely beautiful.





Kyzer is always so amazed at flowing water, especially water falls. He kept looking all around and was set on the water fall, his eyes were wide and his jaw was dropped in amazement!

Obviously there is no swimming allowed, which was a bummer but the sight was still worth the trip. I wanted so badly to jump in! The water was so clear & so tempting.
IMG_3092IMG_3109How cute is that?! Kyzer loves his uncle Blake. It sucks living a state away from good friends but on the plus side they can meet us half way when we go on weekend adventures! 🙂


You’re supposed to stay on the designated path but being the curious & natural rule breaker I am, we wandered off the trail and got close to the water. Ranger Rick as we called him was quick to tell us we had to “leave the area immediately!” but not before we could get some pictures.



We are standing in an off-limits area in this picture, and to our left is a little cave. We got in trouble before we could explore the cave but maybe you’ll have better luck than we did 🙂

The walking trails continue, following the run off of the falls. I didn’t get many pictures of the rest of the nature walk, but it was so beautiful. Although you can’t swim in the water, you can fish! So if you go, remember your pole. 🙂


Look how clear the water is! I did manage to stick mine & kyzers feet in the water while I sat down to nurse him, and it was ice cold; with the heat of the summer it felt ah-mazing! I kept an eye out for ranger rick as we sat with our feet in the water & thankfully I didn’t get yelled at.


Also, one last thing- If you’re a parent and you like to travel, adventure, hike, whatever; you NEED  a baby carrier! We love our Tula. We had such a fun time & we will be going back to the falls in the years to come, next time I’ll take more pictures & I’ll be sure to bring my fishing pole. 🙂


Don’t stay inside, I know it’s hot but the adventure awaits! ❤

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