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Momma doesn’t have time to be sick

You know when you wake up feeling like crap and think “I don’t want to get out of bed. I need to sleep all day.” but the reality is you’re a mom and you don’t get sick days? Yeah, this was how I felt when I woke up yesterday morning. As soon as my baby woke me up, he was smiling and hitting me, letting me know it was time to WAKE UP. I immediately started coughing- like a deep, gross, gunk filled cough. It was awful, and my voice was raspy as well. To the point that I asked my grandma to come over and help me, and I pretty much NEVER ask for help, if that tells you how cruddy I was feeling. This was around 8AM.

Deer (1)

Hear me out, I haven’t been sick in almost TWO YEARS, so I knew it was bound to happen sometime. I attribute my over-all health to consistent hand washing (a habit I picked up while I was pregnant) and using Thieves when I knew I was exposed to germs. Anytime I took my baby to a check up, or we were around anyone who was remotely ill- I put thieves on the bottoms of my feet (and kyles, and kyzers). I also diffuse thieves oil in my home when we’re exposed to ickiness, or whenever I just want my home to smell like christmas 🙂

So anyway, when I got out of bed I immediately went to the kitchen to make some “thieves tea”. It’s simply the best, and I drink it anytime I’m feeling under the weather. Then I grabbed my R.C. roll on and rubbed it all over my throat, and put a few drops of both R.C. and Thieves in the diffuser & let it run for four hours.


Making “Thieves tea” is simple and doesn’t take long. I always boil the water first, but you could put it in the microwave if you want- you just need hot water. Add two drops Thieves oil, two drops Lemon oil, and a spoon full of honey. Inhale the steam from the tea and drink it all while hot. I felt better by the time I was done drinking it, but I wasn’t 100% yet.


Thieves Oil supports the immune system. It was created from the research based on a group of 15th-century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoid contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying. When caught, the thieves received a more lenient punishment by sharing what their secret was- a formula of the herbs, spices and oils they used to protect themselves. By diffusing thieves I wasn’t just helping my immune system, I was also helping my babies immune system. If you’re a mom, you know the first thing you worry about when you don’t feel well is OMG I don’t want to make my baby sick! Thieves oil and breastmilk give me peace of mind, knowing his immune system is working in tip top shape thanks to the two.


R.C. is a blend that supports the respiratory system and gives relief to coughs and throat irritation due to season change, which is exactly what I needed (along with an immune boost).

By noon, I was feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I actually went grocery shopping, then came home and cleaned up the house and cooked dinner. My oils never cease to amaze me, but yesterday just blew my mind. I went from not feeling well enough to even get out of bed, to feeling well and going about my normal day. Today I feel good, I’m still coughing a little but not nearly as bad as I was yesterday morning.

With the winter months coming up, I will make sure I have plenty Thieves oil. My goal is to stay healthy and avoid getting sick, so along with using oils that support a healthy immune system I’ll be doing my best to eat an organic whole food diet, along with washing my hands A LOT. Because mommas don’t get sick days 🙂

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