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Why I chose Young Living

With so many companies out there that now sell essential oils, all the time I hear “You can get lavender at the grocery store!” or “You can get oils really cheap on amazon!”

I’m here to tell you, that you get what you pay for. If you buy and oil from sprouts or amazon or wherever, and you don’t get the results you were looking for please don’t automatically get the mind set that “essential oils don’t work” because true, pure, therapeutic grade really do. There are so many synthetic oils on the market today, and with anything that you use on your body it is SO important to find a company you trust. So what is the difference between the different grades of oils?
EO GRADES v1.2There are therapeutic grade essential oils, “natural” and “certified” oils, extended or altered oils, and synthetic oils.

As crazy as it sounds, the term “natural” has no legal obligation tied to it. Keep this in mind not only when you’re buying oils, but also when you’re buying food, beauty products, cleaning products… A company can label something “natural” or have “ganics” in their name, leading people to believe they’re buying a safe truly natural product, but that is usually far from the truth. As far as household products and food go, research ingredients and buy certified organic when you can. Now i’m getting off topic, and these topics will get their own blog post one day soon.

Anyway! The FDA does not regulate essential oils. There is no legal obligation or standard tied to the word “therapeutic” and “CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade©” is only a copyrighted term by a popular essential oil company and not an actual certification given by an outside quality review board. So how do you know if an oil is actually therapeutic grade? You have to know the process that the company from which you’re purchasing your oils from goes through to make the oils that you’re buying.


Young Living is the only company that I’ve found that I allows you to visit their farms and witness the process of planting, growing, distilling, and testing their oils to ensure that the oils you receive are safe and truly therapeutic grade. Visiting the Lavender farm in Utah and witnessing the distillation process is on my bucket list next year, and I’ll take lots of pictures and share my experience here on the blog when the time comes! The more I learned about Young Livings commitment to quality, the more solidified my decision to use their oils was made. I researched for two months before I decided to order from young living because it is so important to me that the oils I’m using in my home and on my body everyday are pure, safe and effective. After all, what led me to start using oils was my desire to go a more natural route with taking care of my body, so using a synthetic or lab created oil made no sense at all to me. If you’d like to learn more about YL’s Seed to Seal promise and their commitment to quality, head over to

When I first started researching, I learned that pure therapeutic grade oils are safe to ingest, and that they never expire. I also learned that they don’t freeze, and since then I have put capsules of YL oils in my freezer-and as I expected, they didn’t freeze. Something else I learned was that YL has more oils and blends than any other company, so I knew that finding specific blends to fit my families needs would be more likely with YL.

I originally had no intention of ever doing a post on why I chose YL, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing other companies or that I’m trying to sway anyone to choose YL. However this weekend some questions came up about what the differences are between grades of oils, and why I only use Young Living, so I thought I’d share with everyone.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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