French Aromatherapy

Hmm, maybe these oils really do work

eurekaWhat you’re looking at here is a very pregnant me (second person from the left in the awesome tye dye sweatshirt) that had never heard about essential oils before nor was I a believer, to say the least. I was actually very skeptical, because I knew nothing about them.

Have you ever been to Eureka Springs, Arkansas? Well if you have then you know the roads out there are NOT preferable for someone who gets car sick. They’re especially sucky for a pregnant person who
1. gets car sick anyway, even when not pregnant
& 2. who happens to be a very nauseated pregnant lady & has gotten used to throwing up all day (so gross but true).

Enter my beloved Aunt Nonna. We meet her at a restaurant, and at this point I’ve already thrown up multiple times on our trip out there. I’m all like “*vomit* I am so nauseous uuuuughhhhh” & she’s like “Here try this peppermint! just sniff it while you’re in the car and keep your eyes on the road.”

File May 21, 3 31 03 AM.jpeg

Of course I obliged, because she’s a smart woman. But if we’re being honest I kinda sarcastically thought to myself “yeah, okay. I’ll sniff the peppermint to magically feel better…”

Seriously you guys, I think about that day & laugh. Long story short, I didn’t throw up after that. I was amazed.

Later that night (same day she gave me the peppermint) as I was getting ready for bed I inevitably was reminded that I had a pesky pimple that was bothering me so I asked her if she had an oil to help it. The peppermint proved me wrong and if it could help the car-sick mess that I was, maybe there was another oil that could help my skin, right?

Enter Lavender and Tea Tree. She had me use a little bit of both that night, and in the morning I could already see improvement. Again, I was like whaaaaaat okay, these oils really work.
File May 21, 3 31 31 AM
She let me have a bottle of each & I kept applying it until my skin was back to being healthy & smooth. It didn’t take long either, & to this day (a year and a half later) I still use Lavender & Tea Tree on my skin daily!

And so the journey began. That was a year and a half ago.

I came home from that trip with the thought of oils still fresh on my mind, & with those three oils in tow of course-(because my aunt is the most awesome ever).

Being the forever student that I am, I started to dig deeper and do research on these oils. I wanted to know more, and the more I read, the more interested I was. My friend Madison had been posting to her facebook about all the ways she was using essential oils on her entire family and at that point I made the decision that I seriously wanted to get a diffuser and start using oils in our home. I was really intrigued by getting toxic body & cleaning products out of our home & replacing them with Oil combos I planned to make!

So there’s like oils everywhere available to buy these days, right? Walmart, a number of online retailers, health food stores… I had two main concerns: Quality, & Price.

Because I planned to be using these oils to replace products in my home that had questionable ingredients, I wanted to know exactly what was in the oil I would be buying, where it came from, and that it absolutely did not have any additives. I was a total newbie and since then I’ve learned SO much about quality and all that goes into play with producing a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.

A that point I had a basic understanding of what to look for when picking a company to trust, but that  is a post in itself 🙂 if you want to read about how to choose a quality essential oil and why I chose Young Living, you can check that out here!

When it came down to price and I had already decided on Young Living, I looked at all the different kits & learned how to save 24% on everything. To read about the most wallet friendly way to get started, click here! 🙂

Aaaaaaaaaaaand fast forward 1 year and 6 months later, & here I am. No longer a skeptical pregnant person, but a total believer who uses oils every single day!

The success we’ve seen with using oils & the positive changes we’ve been able to make by focusing on supporting our body so that we stay healthy & thrive, has been incredible.  The chemistry of Essential Oils and how they work within the human body amazes me so much  that I am currently taking a course to get my certification in French Aromatherapy! To think, all of this brought on by some Peppermint, Tea Tree, & Lavender. 🙂

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