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It’s been about a year and a half since I got started using oils, & what a fun year its been! If you haven’t already read about my ah-ha moment (when I went from being a skeptic to a believer) you can check that out here!

Okay, did you read that? 🙂 In that case, we’re on the same page!

So of course when I decided that I would be ordering my oils from Young Living, I weighed my options. I looked at all the kits available, & I compared prices. The Premium Starter Kit caught my eye, & my friend Madison broke down the price of what it would cost me to buy everything included in the kit individually.. & it was over $300! The starter kit was only $160 & I knew that signing up as a wholesale member would get me 24% off any oils I bought in the future. Obviously, my mind was made up & I was suuuper excited to get my oils!

If you don’t already know what all comes in the kit, let me help you out. Here’s all the sweet details~

In a nut shell, what you get with your Starter Kit:
-A diffuser of your choice (details on the differences above^, I have two dew drops & love mine!)
-11 Essential Oils (5 singles & 6 blends)
-2 Ningxia Red pouches
-A roller fitment (to pop on your favorite oil!)
-10 dram bottles
– 10 sample packets
-some awesome literature
-24% off all future orders
-a ton of online educational resources provided by our team of Happy Oilers, access to all of our groups, a ton of new friends (I’ve met so many awesome people on our team!), & permission to pick my brain 🙂 You won’t just buy your kit then not know what to do with it all, I’ll help you every step of the way!

If you’re like I was in the beginning, you might be wondering if you’ll actually use every oil that comes in the kit.

PSK 3.jpg
I wasn’t sure that I would, but I really do! Here’s a few of my favorite ways to use each kit oil:

-at bedtime to help us fall asleep & stay asleep
-in our toxin-free bug repellent
-to calm crazy kiddos
-after too much sun
-for all things skin related (occasional acne, dry skin, boo-boos, you name it)
-to help keep our body temps at a healthy 98.6

Lemon Viality 2.jpg
Lemon Vitality
-for sticky situations (stickers all over, while cleaning, when there’s sharpie on the walls..)
-for an energy boost + nervous system support (I can be a nervous wreck at times)
-while cooking (chicken of all varieties is the BEST with lemon!)
-to support proper sinus function (because summer air means fresh cut grass, bonfires, all kinds of smells!)
-to detox the body

Peppermint Vitality 2.jpg
Peppermint Vitality
-WAKE UP CALL! to put a major pep in my step. a favorite paired with lemon 🙂
-for a comfortable stomach in an uncomfortable situation. You know the kind, when you eat too much greasy food and suffer the consequences, or when you’re just nervous for whatever reason
-to relieve heartburn (because we all enjoy a good pizza every now and then, right?)
-to ease nausea. YALL, back to the “I’m a believer” post. peppermint made me fall in love from the get-go
-to bring oxygen to the brain! especially helpful when I’m tense and stressed, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Copabia 3.jpg
Copaiba Vitality
-to support the body’s natural response to injury or irritation. Y’all, we are beautifully & wonderfully made, the body is designed to heal itself! When we are actively making sure that we are doing everything we can to support every system of our bodies we can tap into THRIVING instead of just living
-to chill out, it’s very relaxing (one of the main single oils in stress away 😉 )
-in combination with other oils, because Copaiba is a driving oil! (it enhances other oils)
-in my kiddos teething rub to help sooth his gums

Digize Vitality.jpg
Digize Vitality: four words. Digestive system rock star.
-for the occasional upset/sour stomach
-for occasional heart burn
-to help balance out those trips to the bathroom. Too little or too much, we all appreciate a happy medium right?

Theives Vitality.jpg
Thieves Vitality

-to support the immune system! Thieves is our go-to for peace of mind that our immune systems are strong and functioning at their best.
-to cleanse the air, and really all the things. True story, I clean my entire house with Thieves!
-in a cup of warm tea and honey with lemon EO! We call it thieves tea & it soothes the throat while boosting the immune system, the circulatory system (healthy blood circulation!), & the respiratory system (so we can breath easy 🙂 )

-to ELIMINATE (not cover up) all things stinky! Days when I clean out the refrigerator, in stinky shoes, in a spray bottle used as “poo-pourri”, on a cotton ball near the trash can, the list goes on and on
-to zap occasional acne! when I see unwelcome pimples start to arise, I put a drop of lavender & purification directly on the area a few times a day.
-to stop the itch. Seriously, we do not leave the house with out our “Stop the itch” roller because in the summertime the bugs get friendly when we’re slacking and forget to use bug spray!

Panaway: The BOMB DIGGITY for muscles
-on my lower back, because giving birth wasn’t easy! 🙂 (Copaiba and Peppermint are favorites to use with Panaway)
-on my abdomen to stay comfortable during that time of the month
-after work-outs. You guys, I’m telling you. It’ll be your new best friend.
-for relief from the normal discomfort that comes with getting older. For those times that you acted as young as you feel, not as old as you actually are.


-when I start to sound like darth vader & need some respiratory support
-to keep my sinuses clear
-during winter months I keep this one with me everywhere I go to stay breathin’ easy 🙂

Stress Away.jpg
Stress Away
-poured all over my entire life. On a real note, some days I slather it all over and take deep breaths because life isn’t easy and parenting is hard!
-when I’m feeling a little nervous or anxious
-to chill me out, especially when I’m running out of patience

-for immune system support, it’s in our immune boost roller that we use regularly!
-to calm my nerves.. yall, I’m tellin you. Nothing calms me down and brings me a sense of peace like saying a prayer and using some frank!
-in my “whenever you feel overwhelmed” roller that I use DAILY! life. saver. (plays a big part in how I’ve kept my sanity up until this point 😉 )
-for emotional support. yes, I’m being serious. it’s so uplifting!
-the bomb dot com for vibrant, youthful looking skin! I apply it daily for this reason & to help with redness & troublesome areas.
-for all things skin related! see above about lavender, frank goes hand in hand 🙂

>>Fun fact<<  Frankincense was valued more than gold in ancient times, and it’s mentioned several times in the bible. Matthew 2:11-“and when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshiped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.”

Are you still with me? HIGH FIVE then because I know I can go on and on, and this is the SHORT VERSION! 😉 lol. Taking the plunge and grabbing my kit last year was hand down the best decision I’ve ever made for my family’s health and I can’t contain my excitement and love for these oils. Having them in my home & using them daily is such a blessing. I feel empowered knowing I have tools at my finger tips to turn to whenever we need them!

If you’re as freaking PUMPED as I was about getting a kit, let me help you with the hook up! I’d love to have you on the team. Also, because this is a big deal- this isn’t a hit it and quit it type deal. 😉 What I mean is, I will be here to help you EVERY step of the way as you learn more about your oils & how to use them! Grabbing your kit (& using my member number/sign up link) gets your foot in the door to the Happy Oiler community, and it’s basically the BEST thing ever. Tons of educational resources always being shared, constant encouragement, inspiration, & never ending support. Myself & the team will always be here to help you! ❤

When you’re ready, here’s what to do.

  1. Click over to the sign-up page:
  1. Check the “member” box when choosing your membership. (this secures you the 24% off discount on all future orders).
  1. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. If they aren’t, fill in 2384835 in both spots. Choose your country and language, and click next.
  1. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info. Create your username, password and pin which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils. I suggest writing these down.
  1. Choose “Individual” under tax information-unless of course you own a business and have a business tax information number. (The reason you are asked for your SSN is for tax purposes; if you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. Young Living never shares this info with anyone, and you’re not obligates to sell anything if you do not want to. I promise I wouldn’t lead you astray here!)  Agree to the terms and conditions.
  1. Select your enrollment order. This is where you can specify which starter kit you would like, and which diffuser you want. My favorite is the Dewdrop:) (Our kit has paid for itself between all the money we’ve saved on products we would normally buy but I now make myself, doctor co-pays ~we use young living products to promote good health and a proper working immune system so we don’t go to the doctor often~ and candles/air fresheners. I was known to spend a pretty hefty penny on smelly goods-that were loaded with toxic chemicals-before I started diffusing oils. )
  1. It will ask if you want to sign up for the Essential Rewards program. I recommend saying no to this for now so that you can get the low-down on all the awesome details first.
  1. Agree to Terms & Conditions
  1. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. Some folks miss this step and end up not fully checking out. To confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show you your order again and it will make you enter in your payment information again.
  1. Wait for the mailman to arrive! This step will be agonizing and you may or may not start stalking the mailman.

Oh, and

  1. Please friend me on Facebook so that I can add you to some fun oily Facebook groups and stay in contact with you as you learn more about oils!

Tori Alysha





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