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What I love about cleaning my house

I’m a stay at home mom with a 1 & 1/2 year old. I basically clean ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. The highchair, the counters, oh my goodness don’t get me started on the floors.. It’s never ending.
……….just so we have a clear understanding with what I’m dealing with on a daily basis 😉

When I was pregnant (how is it even possible that that was two years ago?) I was super intrigued with learning more about reading & understanding labels– both on foods, & products we use in our home & on our bodies. Prior to that sparked interest, I had read all the warnings that popped up as shared buzzfeed, etc. articles.. Then, I even did the dreaded google search of the ingredients in some of the products in our house, + downloaded the Think Dirty app (highly recommended btw). None the less, I held out and continued to use the same house hold cleaners I always have from Walmart.

Kyzer 2014 (9).jpg
Then Kyzer was born. My precious baby who just entered this world, and there I was suddenly obsessed with researching EVERYTHING I gave him, put on him, used around him, etc. I exclusively breast fed him until he was six months old, we cloth diapered, we do baby-led-weaning, I watched my own diet-you guys get the picture, right? Yeah. I was obsessed with researching. I  fell totally in love with Essential Oils after Kyzer was born & as I continued my research (which continues to this day-There is no end to education) I realized that this mission to detoxify my house and keep toxic products out of my family’s life was going to be a life-long journey. Worth it, without a doubt but nonetheless a continued effort.

One day when I was grabbing something from underneath the kitchen sink to clean one of lifes every day messes, it just clicked. I looked at all the different spray bottles, squeeze bottles, & air fresheners underneath the cabinet and thought about the ingredients. I finally drew the line and faced the fact that the cleaners I was using in our home were totally toxic, and I couldn’t ignore the reality that my baby was crawling on the floors & eating off the surfaces that I had cleaned with toxic ingredients linked to cancer, neurological damage, endocrine system disruption (the system that produces & controls hormones), severe kidney & liver damage.. not to mention respiratory problems that can linger long after the initial damage- the list goes on and on.

For a good starting point on learning about what ingredients you want to steer clear from in household cleaners, go here. There’s a great list printed also in The Chemical Free Home I by Melissa Poepping. I (as always!) recommend that you do you own research to your hearts content 🙂

I’d been eyeing Thieves cleaner for months and that day I logged on to my account and ordered a 14.4oz bottle. I won’t lie, I had my doubts. I was like okay, I’ll get this one bottle and see how I like it and we will go from there.. I heard all this hype about being able to clean your ENTIRE HOUSE with one product, which was foreign to me and my hoarder mess of a kitchen cabinet! lol.

Yall, the second day that I had Thieves Cleaner I threw away everything else that was under my kitchen sink except Thieves Cleaner, White Vinegar, Baking soda & pre-diluted spray bottles. True story. I love it that much, it totally surpassed my standards. This was about a year ago. Also, to my surprise I actually save money by using the thieves cleaning products vs. what I was buying before. One 14.4oz bottle lasts me 2-3 months because it’s SO diluted. I use one capful per 16oz spray bottle for everyday cleaning.
ThievesgraphicThieves cleaner is seriously what I love about cleaning, these days. What I love most about Thieves cleaner is that I don’t have to worry at ALL about my kiddo touching/eating off of the surfaces I clean, nor do I have to keep him exiled when I am cleaning (for fear of him inhaling toxic chemicals).

Not only am I not worried about it, I’m all for it. I’m all for him coming in contact with thieves cleaner, because the single oils used in the Thieves blend are all kick-ass at supporting the immune system & keeping germs away.

Let’s review:
-I love knowing that what I’m using is safe
-I love knowing that what I’m using is beneficial to my family’s health
-I love not having to leave my house to make a trip to the store once a month to throw $40+ bucks down the drain on cleaning products (that were harming us)
-I LOVE not having clutter under my kitchen sink. One product to clean my entire house, I’m so serious. I was like yeah, that’s something I can get with- if it works. & it works like a CHARM. It’s a no-nonsense de-greaser, it cleans glass, floors, the bathroom, the kitchen, Kyzers toys, the high chair, I mean everything!

**This is all coming from someone whose grandma has preached for YEARS that lysol is poison, and I totally thought she was crazy over board anal and just being dramatic. I’m REALLY SORRY THAT I EVER DOUBTED YOU, GRANDMA! <3 You were totally on to something and you were totally right.

I originally got the $22 14.4oz bottle, & now I order the thieves kit every few months with my monthly rewards program! We love the toothpaste, spray, hand sanitizer, hand soap (love love love) & mouth wash.

“Soooooo, how do I get my hands on this awesomeness?”
If you don’t have an account yet with Young Living & you’re as excited as I was to kick toxic cleaners out of your house, The Thieves Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started. It has you covered for all your toxin-free cleaning, oral hygiene, & hand washing needs. aaaaand The Thieves Starter Kit + all other PSKs (Ningxia & Oils) are 10% off for new members today and tomorrow! (the sale ends at Midnight MST on 6/30)

(Definitely stick around and read to the end if you wanna get your own bottle!)
Once we tried to the Thieves Aromabright toothpaste and the Thieves mouthwash we were hooked. My fiance has always had sensitive teeth & it’s the only toothpaste he will use now! I love keeping the hand  sanitizer & thieves spray in my purse because public places freak a germaphobe out, ya hear me? aaaaand the hand soap. Oh how I love the hand soap. The hint of cinnamon and clove remind me of Christmas time, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
Y’all. Of course, when someone is serious about learning more and using Essential Oils I recommend the Starter kit with Oils & a diffuser–BUT if you are more concerned about detoxing your cleaning cabinet & personal care products, then the thieves kit is the way to go while still getting to try 2 totally amazing oils out.

Thieves is basically the health-keeper, & we use it on our skin everyday to keep our immune systems strong & functioning in tip-top shape!

& Stress Away…. It’s been my saving grace more times than I can count. Sometimes mama just needs a break, but HAHA oh wait moms don’t get breaks. Que #allthestressaway. + it comes with a roller fitment to pop on your stress away to have as a easy to use roll on! It’s the bomb.

Whew! That was a lot, but I had to make it known because having this peace of mind, knowing that what I’m using is safe & beneficial to my child is the best ever.

If you’re still with me, you deserve a high five 🙂 & if you’re ready to grab a kit, here’s how:
Send me a message on facebook so we can chat & I can walk you through it all, or Head on over to the YL website & go through the sign up process here!

If you’re not ready for a YL account/to grab a kit but do want a single bottle of thieves cleaner, shoot me a message on Facebook or email me at 🙂 

Either way, be sure to add me on facebook so we can connect! <3 & Even if you’re not ready to take the dive and kick all of your conventional cleaners just yet, I’d love to hear about other ways you are slowly kicking toxic products out of your house 🙂 It’s a lifetime process & we have to remember to not become a prisoner of our health journey. Just do what you can, where you are, with what you have and take it a day at a time!
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