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The BEST DIY Sugar Scrubs

Reasons I love sugar scrubs:

-dead skin is gross, but scrubbing it off (aka exfoliating) feels amazing & is great for the long term appearence & elascicity of your skin. 

-they make my skin SO soft

-they make my skin baby soft. This is a big deal. I looooooooove it. 

-they refresh, energize, & uplift my mood depending on what oils I add. 

-when I use certain oils, they really help with keeping my skin healthy & blemish free

-they smell AMAZING 

-they take less than 5 minutes to make and cost me less than $5 per BIG 32 oz jar. Can’t beat that. 

It’s super simple to make. 
You will need:

Sugar. Cane, coconut palm, brown, organic, whatever you have will do.

Sunflower oil. I have tried other carrier oils and this is what I prefer because it doesn’t clog my pores 🙂 

-Something to stir with. A fork actually works better than a spoon.

Young Living Essential Oils of choice

Bowl to mix your sugar scrub in

Glass jar to store your scrub in
PSA: do not use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a solid when it is below 76 degrees, and it becomes a liquid past 76 degrees. Hot steamy shower =melty liquid coconut oil going down the drain = drain will get cold eventually = coconut oil will freeze and solidify = clogged drains. Don’t do it. 

I don’t really measure, but there is the roughly estimated base ratios of sugar vs sunflower oil vs EO above in the graphic.

  1. Add sugar to bowl
  2. Add sunflower to bowl
  3. Mix well
  4. Add essential oils to bowl
  5. Transfer to cute glass jar for storage.

TA DA! That’s seriously totally it.

Now for where it gets interesting.. My favorite and quite possibly the best Sugar Scrub Combos out there.

First of all! 

Geranium + Joy + Lemon

This is my ALL TIME personal FAVORITE combo for a sugar scrub. If you get occasional backacne, your skin might just love this as much as mine does. Joy, Lemon & Geranium (all three) have soothing properties for troubled skin, are uplifting to the spirits, & have a way of putting a happy-pep in your step. 

 I bask in the scent and in the peacefulness of the shower as LONG as possible. 

Peppermint + Grapefruit

Let’s talk naturally detoxifying, refreshing, uplifting, & energizing. Like, really energizing. If you’re not a morning person, you might want to add some peppermint to your sugar scrub. 

Yanno how no one loves their own cellulite, and how great exfoliating is for achieving youthful looking skin? Grapefruit wants to help you there. Keep it out when you’re making your sugar scrub, then venture into making a Celulite-Be-Gone Serum with your grapefruit & some other oils while you’re at it 😉

You can always get all natural food coloring and add 1-2 drops to color your sugar scrubs! 😍

Lavender + Stress Away

Two words: men & children. If you are a woman and you interact with either of the first two individuals I mentioned, you want this combo. You don’t just want to make a sugar scrub either, grab the Epsom Salt & treat yo self to some bath salts! 

Tea Tree + Lavender + Frankincense

Remember I mentioned occasional break outs on my back? Geranium is great for me specifically, but these three are pretty universal for skin care. This combo is perfect to put in your sugar scrub AND your acne serum/moisturizer! 

If you’re skin isn’t giving you any trouble,  you could just do Lavender & Frankincense. The two together are so grounding, relaxing, & stress relieving to the mind, AND calming to the skin. 

Last but not least… 

Valor Sugar Scrub. Or Valor II, whichever you have. 

Valor means courage. Both Valor & Valor II Essential oils help enstill confidence and assurance so that I can be BRAVE & bad ass & tell fear that it has no place in my mind-it will not hold me back from being successful. 

The scent is calming yet encouraging in a way– it chills me out but helps me feel “ready to go” and face whatever. I looove valor in my sugar scrub, on my wrists, in the air, basically everywhere. 😉

No excuses. It’s sooooooo easy. Treat yo’self, girl! ❤️

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