A day in the life with Kyzer, nearly two years old


Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.” -Author Unknown

The first lifestyle session I caught a glimpse of was a “Fresh 48”– where the photographer goes to the clients home and photographed life as it is, when you are just getting home and adjusting to life with a newborn.

I knew right then that lifestyle photography was something I wanted to invest in, and exactly who I wanted for the job.


I texted my friend Brittany the morning we planned for her to come over as soon as we woke up, & she got here right as Kyzer was snacking on Yogurt in the morning (before moving on to veggie sticks, raisins & peanuts that eventually were all over the floor).

We just went about our day as if Brittany didn’t have her camera, going about kyzers usual morning routine.

I honestly didn’t have exact shots envisioned–I just knew I wanted beautiful, high-quality photos of my baby at home in his element. Not staged, not a smile bribed by candy or a toy–just us. How we are, at home, together.


Kyzer LOVES to brush his teeth.
Every morning & night without fail, he reaches for his step stool and shouts “teeeeeeef!!”


We had an almost tantrum pretty early on that morning, but that was nipped in the butt when I gave Kyzer his Lavender roller 😉

Then, it was time to jump on the bed. Kyzer almost always jumps our bed and giggles & screams (getting all that energy out) right before naptime.

Lately after jumping, he’s been crawling up to his daddys side of the bed, pulling the covers up over himself, & saying “night-night”! (although he totally won’t sleep with us anymore 😦 he wants his own room in his crib.)

I didn’t plan on crying when I received our photos from this day, but I totally did get emotional looking at these shots. Tears of joy and a little sadness knowing that he is getting so big and these moments are fleeting, but truly, I am just so humbled and filled with happiness when I look at all of these pictures. This is us. This is my first baby, in our first house, first thing in the morning.

We avoided tantrum #1 completely, but when it was naptime.. Kyzer was sad that the fun was coming to an end.


Y’all, he seriously LOVED Brittany. My kid is really shy, and doesn’t warm up quickly to people usually.. but he LOVED Brittany following him around, snapping shots of him. She played toy cars with him, tickled his belly, laughed at him being silly.. Taking beautiful, candid photos of kids seems to really come naturally to her. We are so thankful she had time to book us!

Brittany, if you’re reading this.. we are SO thankful for you, and for these pictures!

Friends- if you love the idea of lifestyle photography, don’t fight it. It is so worth the investment to have these moments frozen in time forever! (and now Darius Rucker’s It won’t be like this for long is playing in my head <3)

I fell in love with Brittanys style just from following her Instagram & seeing the photos she takes of her own kids. You can find her on IG @thedeereduo and @brittanydeerephotography 🙂 BUT- her portfolio will rock your socks off. If you loved these pictures, you should click on over here & view more of her work + look into pricing & read about her passion for Photography. ❤

Also! If you book with her between today (11/22/16) and February 1st 2017, tell her I sent you & you’ll get $20 off your session!


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