Incase you need to hear this,

I don’t know what gods plan is but I trust god has a purpose to his plan. He has a plan for YOU. He has a plan for all of us!

YALL. If you’re feeling depressed, lost, if you’re deeply hurt, if your heart is aching, if you’re doubtful or confused, please hear me.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

He is the SAME god today that preformed miracles thousands of years ago recorded in the Bible— the same god that parted the red sea (Exodus 14) the same god that healed a woman who “spent all her livings on physicians and no one could heal” that was bleeding for TWELVE YEARS–she came up to Jesus & touched his robe and he said who touched me? He felt the energy go out of him—Jesus then said go, you are healed because of your faith.(Luke 8:43-48)

Y’all. He’s the SAME god today that healed the blind and gave them vision(John 9), who healed a paralyzed man(Mark 2:1-10), who gave his sons LIFE so that we could be saved, there’s nothing too big for god when you put your faith in him.

Do you really think god can’t take care of you? Do you really think god can’t move mountains in your life? How can we possibly believe in god preforming miracles in biblical times then turn around and act as if our modern day life is TOO BIG or TOO MUCH for god?! Are you kidding me? There’s nothing god can’t do when we ALLOW him to do it by seeking him, trusting in him & living for him! God can do ANYTHING. God will take care of you! God loves you!

I imagine you’ve prayed for MANY things that have come to fruit today. God answers prayers. Not all of them are answered how we want them to be, but god does answer all prayers. He hears us. He is working for us and not against us.

For us. Not against us.

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