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July 20th, 2020 Sapulpa City Council Meeting, the first time Mask Mandate was on the agenda

I am bringing posts over here to the blog, that previously I only published on my facebook.
Before I share my post with you from that day though, let me share a post from the Sapulpa Times published that day:

This is important to note, because the statement made by the City of Sapulpa–that masks would be required to attend and speak at the meeting, called to discuss possibly mandating masks–then reiterated by the Sapulpa Times, was indeed a lie. See evidence below documenting myself and others inside city hall that very day without a mask, speaking up against dangerous, illogical mandates.

Do not comply, it is simple. Remain respectful. Be prepared. Be kind. Speak up. Stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone.

The following post was published by me July 20th, 2020.

“Breaking news—Sapulpa chose to NOT mandate masks tonight at the City Council meeting!

I went & signed up to make a public comment thanks to being inspired & encouraged by my friend Janis Tucker🤗 her and her husband both spoke and made phenomenal points 🙌🏼

What I said tonight at the meeting:
“wearing a mask in this Oklahoma heat and humidity for prolonged periods of time creates an internal PH imbalance for the person wearing the mask–which is a problem because having a balanced PH is really important for overall health. Wearing a mask in this heat & humidity creates the perfect environment right there on your face for bacterial yeast & fungal growth.
Wearing a mask also often gives the person wearing the mask a headache.
Medical masks weren’t made to be worn in 100 degree weather with high humidity, & they weren’t made to be worn in fast paced work environments like restaurants.

I feel so bad for those working fast paced jobs indoors wearing a mask, & for those working in the heat & being forced by their employers to wear a mask.

Should we all be wearing masks or should we all be eating well, taking vitamins D & B & C & getting plenty exercise & sunshine?
Should anyone get to dictate how another supports their own health?

If it’s about supporting the health of others, doesn’t that start with making sure that we ourselves are healthy?

Masks don’t support health, wearing a mask decreases oxygen levels and when you decrease oxygen, you decrease the immune system.
When you increase oxygen, you increase the function of the immune system.

If you mandate masks, will you be providing pulse oximeters for citizens to check oxygen levels? Will we have biohazard bins for used masks? Thank you for you time today. “

Record of how the vote went on 7/20/20 (Huge Thank you to Sapulpa Times writer for documenting immediately):
Cummins says Yes.
Long pause from Vice Mayor Gunn. She says no.
Hale says yes.
Mayor Henderson said no.
Suggs says yes.
Martin says yes.
Stephens says yes.
Beyer says no.
Bledsoe says yes.
Naifeh says yes.
Martin says yes.
Motion passes 7-3.
The council will take no action.

No Mask mandate was enforced that day.

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