I was DECEIVED-Denouncing False Teachers & Forbidden Practices

If no one else has told you already let me be the one to make it known—new age practices (that are very clearly forbidden in Scripture) have absolutely infiltrated SO MANY churches in America.

Have you been deceived by false teachers? I know now that I certainly was absolutely deceived, & I must warn you, lest the blood be on my hands (I can’t have blood on my hands).

In 2019 I was habitually listening to and highly recommending the following Churches/Pastors: -Elevation Church (Steven Furtick), -Transformation Church (Mike Todd)

I was also attending a local nondenominational church.

I was also heavily into the Law of Attraction, after being influenced by The documentary “The Secret”, as well as the book “Switch on your Brain” (By Dr.Carolyn Leaf, this book is highly backed/recommended by Steven Furtick)

I am humbly admitting that I was so deceived and I am SO SO SO sorry for anyone whom I inevitably led astray during that time.

I am grieved that I had anything to do with these forbidden practices, thought concepts, and false teachings. I am SO sorry for anyone who has been harmed as a result of dabbling into these forbidden practices & misconstrued concepts that twist scripture to ones own advantage and perspective.

I was also….

•Burning Sage in my house… I was deceived. When the truth was revealed to me I immediately got rid of it.

•Reading and recommending books by Gabrielle Bernstein….. her books are NOT scriptural and her meditations are DANGEROUS. When you meditate on anything other than the Word of ‎יהוה you are opening doors to the demonic realm!! BEWARE!!

•reading/displaying“The Universe Has your Back” cards (by Gabrielle Bernstein) 🤢🤮 although I did put washi tape over every card that said “universe” and wrote “God” in place, those cards are NOT FROM GOD and have NO PLACE in the home of a Born Again Set Apart Spirit Filled Believer!!!

•using/studying/recommending personality tests, specifically the “4 colors” but also briefly the enneagram & Myers briggs.

I may go more in depth on this but for now I absolutely have to share what’s been on my heart and what’s been revealed to be through scripture and the Holy Spirit.

I denounce any affiliation with, & I denounce any previous recommendation that I made in the past, relating to any of the practices, teachings, & concepts described here in this post.

I am telling you the truth because I want you to know the truth and be set free. I hope you can forgive me if I have led you astray, I would never ever intentionally lead anyone astray.

May the Peace that only comes from ‎יהוה be WITH you!

Shalom dear friends. 💛 Tori Alysha

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