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What is a carrier oil?

Lets talk about carrier oils, aka base oils!

“A base oil is derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels, or the nuts. Base oils are used to dilute essential oils prior to application. They can carry the essential oils further into the tissue or help hold essential oils topically.

Base Oils vary in viscosity (thickness), how fast they penetrate the skin, color, aroma, nutritive composition and shelf life. Some base oils are better suited for particular types of formulations than others. Your desired result will require a unique base oil type.

For example, tired and sore muscles respond best when the essential oils penetrate deep into the tissue. Choosing a lighter viscosity base such as V6 or Sunflower oil is best. If applying topically to a child or person with sensitive skin, choose a medium viscosity base like Jojoba or Olive oil to slow the rate of absorption. If you are congested and wish to inhale your essential oils or would like a natural “perfume” try layering your desired oils over a base of coconut oil to create a barrier.”* (*From the Chemical Free Home 2)

I highly suggest buying pure, cold-pressed, organic, unrefined carrier oil.

One might ask, other than the viscosity an how fast certain base oils penetrate the skin, what else should be taken into consideration?

All base oils come with different advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a few pros and cons of some base oils to consider:

-Sunflower Oil: Cost effective, rich in vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant in the body, moisturizes the skin, & is anti-aging.

-Fractionated Coconut Oil: Very long shelf life(indefinite), odor-less, unlikely to clog pores

-Sweet Almond Oil: Nourishing, great for balancing skin tone and color

-YL V6 Oil: Nourishing, long shelf life, won’t stain clothes, doesn’t clog pores

-Red Raspberry Seed Oil- Long shelf life(2 years), very high in vitamin E, strong scent, has anti-inflammatory properties

-Grapeseed Oil: Balancing, toning, great for blemish prone skin and skin smoothing, great carrier oil for everyday roller bottles but also amazing in face serums

-Jojoba Oil: Technically a wax, great for dry skin, very nourishing, may clog pores

-Olive Oil: long shelf life (3-4 years), may clog pores, moisturizes the skin

-Avocado Oil: high in vitamin E, known for it’s anti-bacterial & anti-aging properties, mild scent

There are several carrier oils to choose from, this is just a short list. What’s your favorite carrier oil and why? 🙂

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