French Aromatherapy

Healthy Ears & Sinuses

Roller Combo I’ve had success with:
Melrose, Helichrysum, Lavender, Basil & Thyme topped with fractionated coconut oil

I use this roller behind my ears, down my neck, on my sinus areas, on my palms & on my feet.

Always in Combination with adequate Vitamin D & Vitamin C intake + supplementing with echinacea & elderberry syrup.

* in combination with Immune boosting capsules. Oil Combo (for capsules, for dietary use) I’ve had success with:
Thieves, Oregano, & Frankincense topped with fractionated coconut oil

How often I consume the capsules is totally dependent on the severity of my need. If I have a specific focus, I will typically take them for 5 days to 1 week total– typically every 3 hours the first 2 days, then 2 a day through day 5-7.

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