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All About “Subscribe to Save”

What is Subscribe to Save?

It’s Young Living’s totally customizable auto-ship Loyalty program for customers (& brand partners)!

I typically only order from Young Living via Subscribe to Save (instead of just using the “Shop” tool) because with subscribe to save I earn 25% back from every order, save 24% on all YL products, & get free “gifts with purchase” every month.

Benefits of Subscribe to Save:

Earning a % of every order back* in Loyalty Rewards Points that you can redeem for products from YL; Loyalty Reward Points can be redeemed when placing Shop orders.

I redeemed 300+ Loyalty Rewards points for everything here & only paid shipping for this order! 😍

*When you order a minimum of 50PV every month on Subscribe to save*, you earn 10% back your first 3 months, 15% back after that until you’ve been ordering via Subscribe to Save for 2 years at which point you get 25% back from every order! ***you can be on Subscribe to save and order less than 50PV and you can choose to not order monthly & instead set your Subscribe to Save items to be delivered every 2 or 3 months, a subscribe to save order can have as little or as much in the order as you choose— but you only earn loyalty reward points when ordering 50PV or more every month.***

Loyalty gifts & exclusive Subscribe to Save gifts with qualifying orders

24% discount on all products from Young Living

Being on Subscribe to Save unlocks a 24% discount on all products; as long as there is an *active subscription. *An active subscription means there is at least one item set to process via auto ship, no matter the frequency selected (every one, two, or three months), & no matter the price/PV of the product. Ordering 100PV from Young Living (using “shop”, not a subscription order), or becoming a brand partner also unlocks this 24% discount.

Subscribe to save is completely customizable. You get to change/control:

•How often you receive a product (every 1, 2 or 3 months— or just once, then delete the product from your subscriptions)

•Exactly what is in your order (add or delete items at any time leading up to your chosen order process date)

•When your order is processed every month (you can change it every month as needed— postpone the date, or push the order through earlier than you originally chose, up to you!)

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