Let’s stay in contact, even if the internet goes down (like FB & IG did today)

I’ve been meaning to get a contact/address book going written in actual pen on paper for quite some time now but kept putting it off. If not now, then when, right?

I’ve noticed that the “contacts” I have saved on my iphone have synced with icloud, and sometimes the name/number/address that I am looking for doesn’t show up at all when searching. Also, there are hundreds of amazing people who I’ve connected with online over the last 2 years whose contact info I do not have saved outside of social media.

Considering FB & IG was down for several hours today, I want to be sure I have friends names & phone numbers written down (not just saved on my phone) just incase the internet goes down (the world wide web as a whole–going down and not functioning for a period of time– would not surprise me at this point)

If you want me to have your name/number, or if you want my contact info; click the button below. <3

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