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Essential Oil Capsule Recipes

Disclaimer:I am not a Medical Doctor and I am not giving medical advice, simply sharing what has worked for my loved ones and myself.
MD’s know about Pharmaceutical Medications… Aromatherapists know about Aromatherapy.
If you’re looking for a Doctor, you’ve come to the wrong website. If you’re looking for an Aromatherapist, you’ve come to the right place!

IMPORTANT: I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils & any information pertaining to Aromatherapy found on this website, is to be applied ONLY with Young Living Essential Oils. Please do NOT buy an oil from the grocery store and attempt to use it in a way I use High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
All brands of Essential Oils are NOT created equally & there is no regulation with labeling when it comes to Essential Oils. A bottle can be labeled “Therapeutic Grade” and can actually contain NO therapeutic constitutes. Most Oils on the market today are synthetic, have no therapeutic benefits, & can cause harm. Long story short, I only use Young Living Essential Oils on myself & my family. Therefore I can only attest to the safety+effectiveness of, & recommend, YL Essential Oils.

Learn more about Internal Use & the different Schools of Aromatherapy (click here)
& Be sure to first understand Safety Tips & FAQs about internal use (click here)

•Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint (Sinus Trio for Season change)
•Thieves, Frankincense, Oregano (Immune Trio)
•Grapefruit, Peppermint, Lemon (Metabolism Trio)
•Lemon + Peppermint (Digestion Support + Energy boost)
•Stress Away + Lavender (Calming/Stress Relief/Nervous system support)
•Digize + Peppermint (Digestion Support)
•Frankincense + Lemon (Immune support, Nervous system support, Stress relief)

My suggestion: With all of these combos, Start with one drop of each oil. You can increase the amount of each oil as time goes on, up to 3 drops each. With any amount, top the essential oil in the capsule off with carrier oil! 🙂

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