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My Great Grandma lived through the time her government mass murdered 18+ million people, so no, I don’t trust the Government

My Great Grandma lived through/survived Hitlers Dictatorship. She lived through the time her government mass murdered 18+ million people.

The Nazis had a phrase which they used in order to cover all abuses by the state: “Für ihre sicherheit.” Meaning, what we do is “for your safety.”

“It’s for your safety” is a very dangerous statement when coming from your government.

My grandma is full blood German, born & raised (during the war) in Hanau, Germany.

She lived through having to flee with her mom, & her brothers & sisters from bombs being dropped on their home, they stayed under bridges and in half blown up buildings. 85% of her hometown was destroyed. She was 10 years old.

She HAD to rely FULLY on God, our Heavenly Father to protect her, to have hope in being liberated from the Nazis which did come in March 1945 on her mamas birthday.

I grew up in her home here in America (she moved here when she was 19). She helped my Dad raise me. I grew up knowing the reality of her childhood. I grew up to understand—Trust God, Fear God, not man. That the only way to the Heavenly Father, is through the son (Jesus, ‎יהושע the Messiah!)

I have been called extreme, because I do not bow to the gods of this world. If only those pointing fingers, knew the depths of what my Heavenly Father has done and why I diligently seek and serve him.
‎יהוה is SO GOOD, he is worthy to be praised!!

Some very brief insight on Nazi Germany during that time: (credit to the website linked directly below quote)

“The perpetrators hid their murderous intentions from many of the victims. Before and after the fact, the Germans used deceptive euphemisms to explain and justify deportations of Jews from their homes to ghettos or transit camps, and from the ghettos and camps to the gas chambers at Auschwitz and other killing centers.

As with other efforts to deceive the German population and the wider world, the Nazi regime benefited from the unwillingness of the average human being to grasp the dimensions of these crimes.

Leaders of Jewish resistance organizations, for example, tried to warn ghetto residents of the German intentions, but even those who heard about the killing centers did not necessary believe what they had heard. “Common sense could not understand that it was possible to exterminate tens and hundreds of thousands of Jews,” Yitzhak Zuckerman, a leader of the Jewish resistance in Warsaw, observed.”

How the Nazi’s deceived the public, Read more here

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