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Oils that work & Oils that don’t: Essential Oils are not all created equally

Essential Oils are not all created equally.
Basically you could break it down to Therapeutic Grade vs non Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Four grades of Essential Oils are produced today:
1. Therapeutic grade Essential Oils: pure, medicinal, cultivated at the correct time, steam-distilled at proper temperatures or cold pressed, containing all desired therapeutic compounds(chemical constituents)
2. Natural Oils; Organic and Certified Oils: plants are grown organically & cultivated properly, the oils pass oil-standard tests but may not contain any or just a few therapeutic compounds
3. Extended or Altered Oils are fragrance grade; only suitable for the fragrance & flavor industries, not for Aromatherapy
4. Synthetic or Nature-Identical Oils are created in a laboratory, & like extended or altered oils, are not suitable for Aromatherapy.

“The vast majority of Essential Oils (more than 95%) are produced for flavor & fragrance and do not fulfill therapeutic standards. Such oils are not considered suitable for use in healing applications. Out of the hundreds of constituents compromising a true therapeutic grade Oil, the fragrance industry is interested only in the few compounds that contribute to aroma. The same goes for the flavor industry; all they care about are the compounds that contribute to taste.” –David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M., Author of “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”

Any recommendations you see on (or anywhere else by me, Tori)– 100% of the time I am referencing using pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Young Living is the only US based Essential Oil company I have found that meets the standard of Therapeutic Grade, & in my 7 years of practicing Aromatherapy I have always used & recommend Young Living Essential Oils. I strongly advise against using fragrance grade Essential Oils because they 1)don’t offer any health benefits & 2)actually cause harm in many cases when people attempt to use non-therapeutic grade essential oils in ways ONLY Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils should be used.

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