Aromatherapy Consultations

Bringing back the beauty of personalized Essential Oil blends & 1 on 1 meetings to determine the best plan of action, one client at a time.

30 minute or 1 hour video call (or in person) Aromatherapy consultations specializing in personalized blends for children & women.

Want to benefit from Aromatherapy, but don’t know how/when/where to use what Essential Oil?

Have specific concerns & need questions answered? Wishing someone would do the research & blend the Oils for you?

Well hi there, I’m Tori & I would love to help you!

When I was a brand new mom at the age of 20, I enrolled in The East-West School for Aromatic Studies (now renamed to “The School of Aromatic Studies” ) so that I could fully understand how to effectively benefit from Aromatherapy, & teach others how to as well.

The French Aromatherapy certification program I chose required 123 Hours total, which broke down to 75 education hrs. + 48 hrs. worth of case studies (4 hrs x 12 clients).

Since then, I’ve shared what I learned with my own family, as well as more than 100 individuals & families! Its been an absolute blessing getting to help others benefit from Essentials Oils the last 7 years, all Glory to ‎יהוה (God) for allowing me to serve others in this way & all Glory to ‎יהוה for giving us plants! 🙌🏼

Each Consultation Includes:

3 Essential Oil blends made specifically for the client, handmade & delivered to the address provided after initial assessment

Video Call, or in-person meeting or phone call for initial assessment.

Initial assessment is automatically set up as video call using Zoom for the day/time you choose upon booking

*IMPORTANT* send an email to if you prefer in person or a phone call instead of video call.

Follow up is done by text, email or phone call approximately 2 weeks after initial assessment.