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How to get 24% off YL products as a Customer

There are 2 ways: 1. Place 1 order of *anything you want from YL* with a shopping cart total that is 100PV or greater (this will unlock the 24% discount for your customer account for 1 year) 2. Place a Subscription order with ANY product, that you choose to be delivered as often as you… Continue reading How to get 24% off YL products as a Customer


Birthing Baby Kruze

Kruze Vernon birth story (typed July 2017) On Thursday July 13th I started feeling light tightening (contractions) on and off all through out the day. We layed kyzer down for bed sometime past 8:00 and I remember feeling contractions during his bedtime routine and prayer. Kyzer was totally trying to buy as much time as… Continue reading Birthing Baby Kruze


Oils for Labor+Delivery

Found this post that VERY pregnant me wrote not long before giving birth to my baby Kruze! Thought I’d share it again 😘 If you were wondering what oils I'm taking with for labor/delivery/postpartum (because by now surely you know this mama uses oils for eerrrrthang)-- wonder no more 😉 Dudes. Avert your eyes. I… Continue reading Oils for Labor+Delivery


Birthing Baby Ezekiel James

✨I was 41 weeks & 3 days along when contractions woke me up at 1:30am, I knew it was the real deal and I needed to get ready to leave the house & head to the birth center. I texted my midwife and my mother in law letting them know how frequent and long the… Continue reading Birthing Baby Ezekiel James